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Why is Copyright Important to your Company?

What are the odds that you’ll get caught playing music without the proper licenses? You might think they’re small, but nay potential customer who walks through your doors might work for one of the major music licensing services. If your business is bound playing unlicensed music or you’re found to use a streaming service not licensed for commercial use, you could face thousands of dollars in fines.

If you’re large retailer with the money to cover those fines, you might find that the publicity surrounding your illegal use of music tarnishes your reputation. The fines for playing just one song illegal are enough to potentially bankrupt a small business - it isn’t worth it.

Having access to a fully licensed catalogue of music and creating a play list from that can prevent embarrassment, avoid a lowered public perception of your brand and the potential loss of revenue, clients and even your business. 

According to PPL, a music licensing company that works on behalf of performers and record companies, if you wish to play background music in a public space such as your practice waiting room then usually a PPL license will be required. The license is required irrespective of whether you play the music by CD, download radio or TV. 

As a creator you can decide for yourself what happens to your creative work, because you own the copyright. If someone else wants to make money with your own work, wants to change it or remove your name as a maker than they will first need your permission. 

If you make an original song yourself, a movie, a story or another creative work, you immediately have the copyright. That goes without saying, you do not need to record it or register it first. It does not matter whether you are a professional maker or whether you are creating something as a hobby.

Maybe you dream of becoming famous as a musician. Or as a writer, artist or game-maker. You want to be able to earn money with your music and your performance, your book, your painting or the game you have created yourself. You can because you have the copyright. Does anyone want to listen to your music or read your book or play your game? Then you can ask for money for that. That way you can earn back the money and the time you put into it. And with that you can make new beautiful things. That would be difficult if everyone could simply copy or imitate your creative work without having to pay for it.

Want to have a legal music streaming platform with a massive collection of Royalty Paid Music curated just for your business? Look no where else but MusixMusix, a guaranteed legal, royalty paid music platform for businesses in Malaysia.

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