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Why Background Music is Indispensable in Every Shop or Company

In a clothing store or supermarket, background music can no longer be ignored. Music has a positive effect on customers, they stay longer which makes hem spend more. Many service providers, banks and shops, however, do not play music. According to a new research, they can better do that. Banks, opticians, pharmacies and petrol stations also need the music. Silence costs your money, music is about life, also for your store, business or company. Below you find the 9 reasons why music is a must in every shop or company.

1. Music improves the business image.

70 % of the customers, have more positive perception of the image and the atmosphere in the store when there’s music. This applies not only tot supermarkets and shopping centers, but also to businesses and big retailers.

2. Background music works distinctive

Two of the three customers (65 %) believe that music contributes to the distinctive character of a store

3. Music also works in “more serious” retail

There is often no music in bank branches and pharmacies. However, if that is the case, 3 out of 4 customers are convinced that the background music is pleasant and also fits the character of this somewhat more serious retail environment. The majority of customers, including financial institutions, 65 % felt more comfortable in conducting confidential conversations when background music was playing. Probably because it masked their conversations somewhat.

4. Customers feel more welcome

Music has clearly a positive influence on the customer’s behaviors. By playing background music, you as a company give your customers and clients a warmer welcome. Music is already an essential part of people’s daily lives, but music in store is as important for the customer experience as lighting and a good service.

5. Music works almost everywhere

Whether it concerns call dealers or health care providers, wellness centers or pharmacies, retirement homes or financial institutions, music contributes to improving the customer experience and the sense of loyalty.

6. Music contributes to a premium feeling

The rating of a store as a premium store rises by 20 %, from 36 % to 56 %, when background music can be heard.

7. New customers come back

When using background music in the store, 72 % of new visitors say they will probably come back. When there was no music in the store, only 50 % indicate that they would probably return.

8. Waiting will last less further

At least 76 % of customers experience waiting for a cash register due to background music as less long.

9. Music also has a sustainable effect for staff and employees

Music also contributes for the welfare of the staff in the store. Two of the three employees in a store with music say that customers are in better mood when background music plays in the store. The shop staff consider music as a real motivator. Because their relationship with the customers and in the routine of the staff is also improved by music. No less than 93 % of employees prefer music in the shop where they working.

(Based on research of The Cost of Silence 2018 from Mood Media, company in in-store media solutions)

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