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What is In-store Advertising & How it Helped or Benefited your Store?

What is In-store radio Advertising

Basically, in-store radio advertising is broadcasting of messages or announcements in between branding music inside a store. It’s a great way to entertain and communicate with shoppers with the help of personalized music and tell them about the offers, discounts, promotions and ongoing campaigns happening in the store. 

Studies have proven an average sales lift of 16% by communicating your brand benefits at the point-of-purchase and giving the consumer a call to action. Example, "Gift with Purchase (GWP) Buy product X and get a free Y before you leave this store!" Your 30-second message can be heard throughout the entire store  and can drive shoppers to your aisle/brand.  

Let's have a look on how this in-store message can be a great way to create a better shopping experience for your customers and also improve your business in the long run.

Why In-Store Radio?

In-Store Radio is a powerful way of talking directly to your customers.  It is heard throughout your store and increases spontaneous buying at point of purchase.  Sound gives an atmosphere or experience whilst shopping. Playing the right sound in your store improves the shopping experience, which also helps increase customer traffic, boost sales and improves your bottom line.  Sound has the power to create action and bring about impulse buying.

Through a combination of carefully selected music, high quality promotional and brand messages, your In-Store Radio will increase sales and build brand awareness, the kind of awareness that enforces customer loyalty and brings them back time and time again.

Shoppers enjoy the music and content that is relevant to their shopping experience, no competitor advertising and only information relevant to your store.

This cost effective solution allows small or large retail stores to have their own personal radio station.  Carefully selected music, messages and promotions that is relevant to your location and demographics.

What happen in store

While some people would think that the need for a product and the availability of the same would be enough, in today's day that is not enough. Sometimes products and offers need to be promoted not only to make the customer aware of better deals but also to create new needs the customer never thought he or she had. Sales promotions come in various forms and here are a few examples.

  1. Discounted Products

  2. Flash Sales

  3. Buy 1 free 1 promo

  4. Gift with Purchase/Product giveaways

  5. Loyalty points

  6. Holiday promotions

The Statistics

Research has shown that in store audio advertising reaches an extremely large number of people, at times double that of those reached through a television commercial, an FM radio advertisement or other such, and often drives more shoppers into retail stores in a week.

Offers Announcement on the Spot

You might have put up posters and ran radio commercials to advertise your current offers but there’s still a chance that your target market might have missed that advertisement. The in store audio can dispense informational announcements that will update customers on products, sales, events, offers and coupons. You can catch their attention right then and there. It can inform customers about the store's online presence where they can be encouraged to rate, suggest or complain. It can answer frequently asked questions thereby reducing the sales person's job load. But special attention has to be paid to what the voice over says, how he or she says it, and how often it is repeated. None should be underplayed or overdone. Working with your in store music provider can help you fine tune these very important details.

Sales Boost

Advertising in any form is proven can boost sales. But in-store advertisements take it on a whole another level. This is because it lets you reach out to your potential buyers – the people inside your store. As mentioned, in-store advertisements are proven to increase sales up to 16% on an average.

Help with up Selling

Instant communication has been proven to be a great way to influence a buyer’s shopping decision. Picture this, a customer just went to the mall to buy lunch, but an instant announcement on a discount at her favorite shoe store is now having a 50% off sale. Boom! You’ve made a sale without much effort or spending a lot of money on marketing. This just shows how personalized ads can create a great outcome.

Increases in time buying

Aside from letting the shoppers know about your store’s offers and promotions, in-store advertising also aims to keep shoppers engaged. Listening to a relaxing music in the background in between promotions helps the customers to enjoy a stress-free entertaining shopping experience.That is why it is also called as in-store entertainment.  As a result, a shopper would spends more time inside the store and this will encourage an unplanned shopping.

Relaxing Shopping Experience

The retail industry is all about giving the costumers a great shopping experience. Retailers all around the world are trying to please their customers. By having in-store messages together with branded music, you will achieve your objective of creating a relaxing and stress-free in-store ambiance. In-store music is not only for the customers, but employees and managers benefit from it too. An effective music strategy can be a great tool to boost staff morale, concentration and productivity.

Check out MusixMusix Advertising for more details.

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