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The Effect of Seasonal/Festive Music on Shopping Behavior

In Malaysia, Festive time will always be the best time of the year. From Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Deepavali and Christmas, it will be the most awaited time for us Malaysian aside the holidays. In Malaysia, we have all sort of festival and this give the retailers and malls the opportunity to play a festive songs. 

The holidays just passed. During that time it has been impossible to go anywhere without hearing Christmas songs in the background. 

Mall and retailers usually will play seasonal songs to attract customers. During Christmas time, retailers will bombard us with Christmas music. Hearing Christmas carols on repeat, trees and decorations everywhere, kids having their photo taken and all the other madness that comes along with it. If you’re someone who wants to just buy your presents and get out, it will be impossible to do it.

Many marketers believe that playing Christmas music in malls will get shoppers in a good mood, making them spend more time in malls, buy more impulsively and ultimately, spend more money.

The thing about seasonal/festive music is that it’s only played once a year (for obvious reasons). Brands will try to make it most memorable seasonal/festive campaign, from the music to decorations. They strategies their campaign to the tiniest of details and analyse at what point they can get in there early enough to make a big seasonal/festive impact without being too early that they look or feel out of place when no-one is feeling festivity just yet. 

Studies shows that music affects the way we think, feel and act, which has considerable consequences for our wallet. This is especially true in a retail environment. When the music we hear is enjoyable, our positive emotional state colors our impression of our surroundings. We evaluate the merchandise more favorably. We view the sales personnel as friendlier.  And the happier we feel, the more likely we are to remain in a store, explore our surroundings, and find something we want to buy.

Given that happy shoppers are likely to spend more, playing seasonal music holds a good deal of intuitive appeal for store owners. The holidays, after all, represent a joyous time. One marked by overdue reunions, a meaningful exchange of gifts and all new wardrobe. It’s logical to assume that reminding shoppers of the festivity will lift their mood and increase their spending.

In short, customers who find themselves in a happy mood are more likely to make a purchase than those in an unhappy mood. It’s the retailer’s job, then, to help put customers in a happy mood and the best opportunity to do that is in the greeting that each customer receives as they enter the store.

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