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Psychoacoustic Music

Essentially, psychoacoustic is the study of the perception of sound, and the ways in which it affects you mentally, emotionally and even physically. You could think of it as a form of music psychology.

What is psychoacoustic?

Psychoacoustic is the scientific study of sound perception and audiology – how humans perceive various sounds. More specifically, it is the branch of science studying the psychological and physiological responses associated with sound (including noise, speech and music).

What is psychoacoustic music curation?

The first step is to define your target, by positioning; your music playlist will be different according to this. Indeed, for example young people and senior will not perceive the same feeling in the same song.

After targeting your customers, the second step is to create a brand image, what kind of image do you want to drive?  Let’s take a simple example; Inditex, a Spanish company leader in the field of textile has several brands (Zara, Massimo Dutti, Bershka, Pull&Bear, Stradivarius…), all of them have different target so different brand image and different playlist for their stores. According to the target and the brand image, consumers will not perceive the same thing and their purchasing behavior will change.

Thanks to the targeting and your brand image we can create a playlist, a music curation that fits the music to your brand by mixing science-backed research, music trends, and knowing how music will affect and sound in a specific environment with specific people.

At MusixMusix we know what type of music suits your businesses. Every song is categorized accordingly, i.e, fast track music for fast food restaurant or classical music for a Hotel, just to name a few.

Why we do it?

Psychoacoustic Music can influence your behavior, or in other situation listening to music can set your mood. For retail business, playing a personalized music can help turns your shoppers into buyers.

Indeed, it has several positive effects for your businesses, you can find examples below : Music makes waiting for the cashier more faster

  • Classical music significantly increase sales in premium store

  • Low tempo music causes customers to slow down their pace and spend more

  • Loud music causes customers to move through a supermarket more quickly without reducing sales volume 

At MusixMusix, we can help you to achieve that and eventually boost your sales. 

Speak to our musicians on how we can help curate a better psychoacoustic playlist for your brand. We have thousands of music that suits your brand and concept, personalize music are upon request. 

Check out musixmusix-royalty paid music for more details.

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