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Music Reduces Anxiety in the Waiting Room

Nearly two-thirds of patients report the waiting room to be the most stressful part of going to a doctor’s appointment. In effect, not only do standard waiting rooms not add value to your practice, they are also harmful to your patients. Their anxiety levels peak, creating a negative association with you practice. Fortunately, all it takes is a few small changes to help all the types of anxious patients feel calm and comfortable while they wait for their appointment. These feelings can negatively affect the treatment process and well being of patients, in somatic and mental healthcare.

The architectural design and facilities of a health facility can increase positive emotions, which influences health and well being of patients. Elements such as music, nature and color in care environments affects health in a positive, it’s called healing environment. A PhD research by Karen Dijkstra shows that music in the waiting room of the general practitioner causes less stress for the patient.

Psychologist Albert Sonnevelt argues that music is an important instrument for reducing stress: "Playing music in the background lowers the heart rate and heats the body. This is an indication for the beginning of relaxation. Surprisingly, many Celtic music, original rhythmic music and music that contain hard drums or flute sounds seem to have an extraordinarily calming effect. So, as a company, think carefully about the purpose of music in the waiting room. If this is relaxation, adjust the type of music here.

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