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Music in Restaurants: How it Should be Done

We listen to music at home, with friends, during concerts, shopping or a dinner at a restaurant. It has become part of our daily lives. I sometimes sit in silence, but music often plays a big role in my day. So it is good that listening to music can bring you so many positive things. Not just for us but for everyone!

Scientific research has shown that the right choice of music has a positive effect on your audience and with that on your turnover. Because music responds to the emotions of people, so that your guests and staff feel more at ease in your case.

A few benefits of music in your case at a glance:

  • Good music has a positive effect on your turnover. People stay longer and spend more money on an extra beer or cup of coffee.

  • A nice evening thanks to the right music ensures that the people come back.

  • Good music ensures that your staff feels better and is therefore more productive.

Which music do I choose?

When determining the type of music in your case, it is important to first consider which target group you want to reach. Classical music is not the most logical choice in a discotheque full of young people, but as background music in a luxury restaurant or a fancy hotel with dressed-up guests.

So look at the profile of your visitors: how old are they and what will they do in your business? If they come to drink or eat, do not put the music too loud, but if they come to dance, the volume may increase. It is also smart not to focus on the same target every night. For example, focus on a younger audience on a Friday night, a little older on a Saturday and a little older on a Sunday.

How do I arrange music in my case?

If you want to use music in your business, you have to take into account that you arrange it in a legal way. For example, you must apply for a license specifically for your type of company. The costs for this differ per company, because the floor area and the number of music days per year are examined.

You can arrange an installation through us. Only RM 1 a day or RM 365 a year for a fully paid royalty music for your business. No additional license for public performance music rights required! Visit musixmusix for more information.

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