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How to choose the right music for your business and sell more?

Updated: Feb 25, 2019


Choosing the right music

Everybody knows it, people love music

Playing the right music has a positive impact, indeed, it can increase your sales and encourage people to come back, in the contrary playing the wrong music, it can cause people leave your store and never come back.

It’s incontestable that the right music can improve your business with excellent results, so the question is : how do you pick the right songs for your business ?

  1. First step, is to define your brand image, is it classy, urban, hipster? This part is very important to know what kind of atmosphere you want to create for your business.

  2. Then you need know what kind of products you want to sell.

  3. The third step is to target your principal customers to set the playlist.

For example, classical music will suit a luxurious atmosphere with expansive products; it will not suit a store selling urban clothes or sneakers.

How Loud Should the Music Be?

Music volume is also very important in a store, if music is played too loudly it can reduce the time that people want to spend in a store, and sometimes cause them to leave without buying anything. Therefore the volume should be loud enough for customers to hear the music because of its psychological benefits but not so high that it chases them out of the store.

As a retailer you also need to make the difference between your targets, if it’s senior customer, they are more sensitive to volume than younger customers, so you need to adapt the volume according to your typical customers.

Choosing the right tempo

According to the music tempo, the time that customers spend in your retail store can change. Indeed it affects perception of time, for example slower music makes the time feel longer than fast music. Therefore, slow music can decrease the pace of in-store traffic to increase sales because customers will spend more time in the store.

Tempo refers to the speed of the song. Faster music is shown to increase psychological variables such as heart rate and breathing rate. On the other hand, fast music can increase the store traffic, even if it can decrease sales, playing fast music during high traffic hours can improve the customer experience.

A smart strategy is to play different styles based on the time of the day and desired goals. For example, it’s useful to play fast tempo music when it’s the closing time to encourage people to speed through your store. On the contrary, slow music can be played during off-peak times to let time to shoppers to walking around the store.

When to play loud and fast tempo?

  • Young target

  • Closing time

  • During sales

  • Long queue to avoid waiting time

  • During seasonal period (Christmas, New Year...)

How can you play music legally for your business?

With the digital revolution, the artists and songwriter had to experience the positive and negative sides of it. Indeed, since people listen to music on streaming music platform and buy less in physical formats, artists and songwriters have seen their revenues being diversified. Today, downloads, placement of music in TV commercials and live performances are some of areas where they get their revenues. Therefore the use of their music in businesses is also one part of their income.

Many business owners are not aware about the licence to use to play music in their store. Indeed, according to your country there are different licences, in Malaysia the most popular are MACP, PPM, RPM, PRISM and now known as MRM. Therefore if one of the songwriter is represented by one of these companies, you must pay license to use the song in your store. It’s also important to note that If you use Spotify from your personal account for your business needs, it will consider as illegal. Indeed, Spotify and all the streaming platform as Deezer or Apple Store is for personal use and not professional.

To make sure that you’re playing the music legally and not under any violation agreements, make sure you sign up with a music streaming platform who has a licence free.

Want to have a legal music streaming platform with a massive collection of Royalty Paid Music curated just for your business? Look no where else but MusixMusix, a guaranteed legal, royalty paid music platform for businesses in Malaysia.

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