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We turn shoppers into buyers
by streaming smart audio advertisements to millions of shoppers at the point of purchase 


We are a digital music streaming network that delivers in-store audio advertising messages to shoppers, at the point of purchase to drive sales for our advertisers.

Impulse buy in 30 seconds

If marketing has one goal, it is to reach consumers at the moments that most influence their decisions. – McKinsey & Company

TOP of Mind

Guaranteed to reach shoppers top of mind at the right time and place where they’ll be making purchase decisions.

Captive Audience

When your advertisement is playing its unavoidable. Shoppers can’t change the channel or skip it.

Encourage Impulse Buy

Remind shoppers what they like about your brand and encourage impulse purchases at the point of purchase.

Value for Money

Best value for money medium that cuts your customer's journey from awareness to action in 30 seconds.

Our Network


Category: Hypermarket

Focus: General

Location: Klang Valley

No. of Stores: 21

Monthly Shoppers: 615,000+


Category: Convenience Store

Focus: Medical, Health & Beauty

Location: Nationwide

No. of Stores: 120

Monthly Shoppers: 1,275,000+

Research has proven the effectiveness of in-store audio advertising
Source: Nielsen Audio

Influence Desire

68% of consumers would be swayed to purchase a specific product promoted through an in-store audio advertising message 

Drive Sale

41% of consumers will make a purchase they had not planned to make after hearing an in-store audio advertising message

Switch Brands

36% of consumers have purchased a different brand from the one they originally planned to purchase after hearing an in-store audio audio advertising message

Time for your brand to be heard, where it matters most.
We're friendly and eager to help!

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