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MusixMusix is a royalty-paid music streaming platform for businesses. We paid for music royalties upfront, so businesses don’t have to while giving hassle-free access to thousands of songs from artists all over the world.

Premise managers can also opt to generate additional revenue by enabling us to stream noncompeting 3rd party advertisements unto their PA system (public announcement system).

We also welcome advertisers who are interested in delivering in-store audio advertising messages to their consumers, at our partnered retail network.



Ian Tee
Ian Tee


  • Local Malaysian music composer.
  • Chief Content Officer and Producer of MusixMusix.
  • Graduated from the University of Westminster, Bachelor (Hons) in Music, majoring in Music Arrangement.
  • Arranged music for numerous local and international artists including Michael Wong, Tank, Gary Chao, Penny Tai and Rynn Lim.
  • Experiences Aside from musical composition and arrangements, Ian Tee tours around Malaysia and the world for performances and musical training. These experiences extend through Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Australia, United States, and many more.

Get help playing the right type of music

Let us help you get started on playing the right type of music to meet your business objective without the pricey music licenses

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